New P3 LED running lights

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At the BMW MOA rally last summer, I came across a vendor showing off hi-intensity led lights: P3 led flashing brake lights and the "Photon Blaster" forward facing running lights. I recently started commuting to work through downtown Seattle and decided it was time to increase my visibility. I purchased P3 and Photon Blaster lights for front and rear on my R1150RT. The lights were purchased from

My current visibility efforts consist of:

Main headlight, PIAA hi-intensity hi-beam, fog lamps (regular lamps now - I used to have PIAA hi-intensity bulbs in the fog lamps, but they were too bright for everyday use), PIAA 1100x hi-intensity lights under the oil radiator, yellow Photon Blaster led running lights.

Here is what they look like all lit up.

Brake! led flashing brake light, P3 flashing brake lights along side the license plate, 3M SOLAS reflective tape on rear of system cases.

Nothing yet other than hi-viz clothing. I have some additional SOLAS reflective tape that I plan to put on the system cases and center stand legs.

My brother gave me this jacket (Thanks Mark!). I also have reflective stripes on boots and my Aerostich suit. I'm planning to buy a white Arai helmet.

Looks Great Paul. May have

Looks Great Paul. May have to purchase some of those P3 flashing brake lights myself. They blow away the hyper lights. After seeing them at the MOA they are certainly the brightest I've ever seen! Everything helps, that's for sure.