BMW Motorcycle Brake Failure

My 2004 BMW R1150RT is in the shop. I was riding on Denny St in Seattle Thursday afternoon when I suddenly lost all power assist to my brakes. After narrowly avoiding pancaking into the delivery van in front of me, my heart was pounding about 200 bpm. The brakes came back but failed 4-5 more times while I nursed it back to the office. It's in the shop now. They say it's a failed ABS brake modulator. That's just not something you ever want to happen to you. You have no idea how conditioned your response is to vehicle brakes until you push the brake pedal/pull the brake lever and nothing happens. It's terrifying on an existential level....

Anyway, I'm sans bike for most of next week while I wait for the new part to come in. Props to Ride West BMW for squeezing me in the same day and determining quickly what was wrong. Just wish they had had the part in stock or had a loaner bike for me.

The shop replaced the bad abs modulator and everything is fine now. A couple of interesting side effects. The brakes are not as touchy as they used to be and the rear brake emits a loud clunk when you press hard on the rear brake only. I took it back to the shop and they told me that the noise was the ABS kicking in. Funny thing is that it never did that before so I wonder how long the ABS modulator was misbehaving.

K1200 GT ABS brake Modulator Failed

Have A 2007 K 1200GT with only 12,600mi took it in for service, said $2700.00 to replace the ABS unit but because of warranty work replaceing brake lines that it be only $1700.00 this is not right. I will be selling it after I replace it.It cost aprox. $.25 mile so just factor that in. Thanks BMW, Page Winslow

BMW ABS Brake Modulator

My 2007 R1200 GS has only 11,800 miles on it. I had both the 5,000 and 12,000 (done a bit early) peformed at the BMW motorcycle dealership. Now that the bike is out of warranty 1 year, I've sufferred the dreaded ABS Modulator failure. This is a $2,200 part!!! That's right . . . BMW should acknowledge that by the time your bike reaches 4-6 years old, the engine is just getting warmed-up . . . but there's a potential 25% to value anvil hanging over your head. The value of my bike is around $8,500 - $9,000 and a freakin $2,400 part & repair is outrageous.

I owned a 2005 R1200 GS and never had any problems with it. My 2007 has had no problems UNTIL THIS ULTIMATE PROBLEM!!! I spoke to BMW and made a claim for their consideration of such an outrageous priced part. You can't tell me that there is $2,200 cost to make an ABS Modulator (bike bandit part #1678384). (and the link for your entertainment - shows actually $2,468.59!!)

Does anyone know of a non-BMW part that can fix this fault? Otherwise I'll be selling a non-ABS BMW motorcycle and NEVER to purchase one again!! And again, BMW should disclose the potential liability that you could have a $2,500 single part failure out of warranty that's worth 30% of your entire bike value. It's a fraud!!

abs failure bmw r1200r

yep bmw's nasty lil secret-- high failure rate and out rageous to replace.... nice luxury motorcycle huh? i 'll never own another.

ABS Module

Check out the Internet for ABS Module rebuilders. There is a company in Moscow ID. Just spoke to them today and they are going to rebuild it for $250 off my '09 K1300S. Good luck.

Abs module

Thanks for the heads up. My module went on my 07 K1200GT. Estimate was $2200. Contacted Module Masters in Moscow ID. Was told there are 2 BMW error codes. One is no communication, the other is no power. For no power, the most common, fix is new motor brushes. I was quoted $150 with a 2-5 day turnaround. A life saver. As for those who won't pay to fix their ABS, think whether it would have been worth it next time you hit an oily patch just after it started to rain and all that's in front of you is the back of that truck.

ABS Module Failure

I have a '2009 K1300S, 11,500 miles. ABS Failure light on steady. Warranty expired 3 months ago. Dealer wanted $2395, BMW Customer Service (what a joke), wouldn't assist in anyway. Found these guys on the internet. They are going to rebuild the unit for $250. Will let you know how it works out.

Selling my two BMW's and back to HD!

Abs brakes failed

I have a 2008 K1200LT with 20k miles and Abs just went out . Cost $3000 to repair. The dealer here sales several brands of motorcycle and pushes the other brands. He says he has 3 or 4 abs failures a year. Looks like BMW hasn't addressed the problem .Too bad I didn't read this forum before I bought.

2008 K1200GT abs pump failure

My mechanic, a great guy at Bloodworth BMW in Nashville just informed me that that "brake failure" light that would not go off is going to result in a $1800.00 repair !#@#*+ !
Are you kidding me? This bike only has 7300 miles on it.
" the brakes will operate just fine" he tells me, they just won't be ABS anymore.
No one should have to deal with this level of fraud on behalf of BMW.
I will do my best to foil as many bike sales as possible, for the rest of my life.
Thanks BMW,


K1200 abs Pump failure

AMEN BROTHER! BMW IS NO FRIEND TO MOTORCYCLE Community.EUROPEAN DESIGN MEANS NOTHING WHEN DRIVEN BY CHINESE GARBAGE COMPONENTS! Best year for BMW? The year enough people switch to other brands. Maybe then they'll get off their high horse and source decent parts. My guess is that most of the abs module failures is due to an inferior power supply.

And exactly what sort of

And exactly what sort of 'fraud' do you speak of? You bought a very complicated piece of equipment and one of its components failed. I would recommend not buying anything newer than about 1990 because something expensive might fail and you will be subject to more 'fraud'! What a rube!

2008 K1200GT abs pump failure

This seems to be indicative of a BMW Motorrad corporate attitude. The topcase latch on the K1200LT is a good example: They break regularly (made of pot metal) and BMW's only fix is to replace the whole topcase. Why put crap like that out onto the market? Now my K1200LT's brake modulator is out and it's a $3,000 fix. The slave cylinder on the clutch is located so that if it develops a leak, it ruins the clutch itself, a $1600 fix with 14 hours (book)of labor. If anything breaks on an LT there's a several hundred dollar labor bill to just take all the plastic crap off to get to what needs fixing. Now they've got CANbus (a $500 fuse). Why? Technology for technology's sake is no damn good. I'm done with them. I'm looking to get a bike that's simple that I or anybody can work on. May have to get or restore an old bike.

BAS Failure

Dont you know this is the revenge of German SaurKrauzt for the WWII, my Yamaha FJR 1300 was more reliable thean my K1200GT. In six months I had fuel laeks and now ABS modulator took a crap, all BMW riders should write to BMW headquarter to complaint, file a class action law suit and last but least is file an unsafe, hazardous complaint to NTSB. Perhaps BMW will listen then and do a recall

ABS Pump Failure

It's more likely the sensor, not the pump failure.

2003 BMW R1150RT Brake failure

My 2003 1150RT just locked up yesterday. As I was riding the "red lights" came on and then as I took a corner and applied the brakes the bike locked up and went down hard! It happened in an instant! I've put over 100,000 miles riding BMW bikes. I wish I knew about this issue. Glad I was not seriously injured! Just road rash on my arms. How does BMW sleep at night knowing there is an issue with the servo modulator!!!! Time for a recall.....

The Red Lights you mentioned

Did the Brake Light flash followed by the red warning light beneath it? Did the lights continue to alternate on and off? Is this the sign of a servo modulator read to go ?
Where is the servo modulator located on the bike ?

the abs modulator on those

the abs modulator on those years go faulty alot, they should make a recall on that modulator.

San Diego BMW Service Repair
8680 Miralani Dr, Suite 124, San Diego, CA
(858) 635-9063‎

brake modulators

Does anyone know if someone rebuilds these things?

I agree BMW should do something about the ABS problems

I have a 2004 k1200rs with about 20,000 miles. It is at Ride West BMW in Seattle Washington waiting for an abs module($2495).
My guess is that by turning a blind eye and ignoring customers complaints, BMW is hoping to not have a recall or class action law suite. I believe your assessment is correct.

faulty abs modulator common

Seems to be a pattern with BMW abs modulators going bad in spite of consumers properly maintaining their bikes. Its apparent BMW engineers failed to engineer durability. One thing you will not see is BMW stepping up to offer excellent customer service correcting the problem at a fair and reasonable cost.
I would not recommend purchasing BMW products. Perhaps if more people did the same BMW profits would suffer and they may remember who butters their bread.

BMW brake failure

I am not alone. My ABS pressure modulator failed on my 2002 R1150RT on a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway. I should say failed intermittently. It is quite concerning because residual braking (what you have when the modulator is not working) is only 15% of what you have with the modulator. The price of the unit is now $2,190.32 in the US. Holy crap is what I said. There are a couple of places to find used ones. Beemer Boneyard on the web and Deep 6 Auctions on ebay. They are hard to find for the 02RT. New ones are guaranteed by BMW for two years. Some consolation. I am going to park the bike for a month and see if a used one comes up. If not, I will buy the new modulator and then sell the bike. Time to upgrade anyway to a newer RT or a GT.

brake failure

I had the same thing happen on my 2003 1150rt almost planted the bike into the back of a truck. Has anyone looked into bypassing the abs sytem? A friend of mine a ex BMW mechanic got tired of seeing people get ripped off and has found a way to do it with basicly stock bmw parts. Its worth checking out what good is abs if it does not work and cost you 2k to fix each time.


i would like to bypass my system please contact with information my NO#(970)461-8415 THANK YOU!

ABS II problem

I am also getting trouble lights on my 1997 R1100RT with ABSII rather than the newer modulated units. . It has only 30K miles and with a new pump at $2200. I'm not willing to spend that on an older bike. The tech candidly mentioned, "You can Bypass the System". I will say the older ABSII system appears to allow non ABS system to work. Any help in "How to Bypass", would be appreciated.


i have a six year old GS1150 with only 10,000 miles
In the last 3 years i have on done 3k since a service
I left my 10 year off at school, reached the next junction ,ABS fashes on , almost no brakes , PANIC! When i think what could have happened had she been on.
Eventually the dealer fitted the bike in , and to my horror a quote for £1300
I spoke to an independant specilist ,who said it was common fault, and for £300 could replum the bike like a non abs model, while i was there a guy from the south of ireland pulled up , guess what ? abs problem on a GS1200...
I contacted BMW customer service ? Got the runaround . and asked what was i doing contacting them ,"that was the dealers job" I though i was the customer ( silly me)....this is a HEALTH AND SAFTY issue..

R1200GS ABS Failurte

My ABS on my 2005 R1200GS has gone.
Sensor has failed.
$4000 au to repair...
Last German vehicle I ever buy.

R 1150 RT ABS Pump


I was wondering if you could forward me the details of the specialist who sorted your ABS. The ABS pump has failed (electrical fault) on my 03 R1150RT (23K miles) and I've been quoted over £1500 for repairs. I too have had the runaround from BMW who I know have helped people with this issue in the past.

My email address is

Many thanks


brake failure

i had the same event happen to me. I have a 2002 model with 43k on it...riding up route 202 in NJ on a sunday, i was approaching a yellow light and put on the brakes...nothing happens! i look down and see all these red lights flashing. It was a long yellow thankfully so made it through and cruised home cautiously...stopped at a parking lot along the way to try and reset them but it didn't work. But i wonder how many other owners this has happened to? Its a definite safety issue. This modulator is 1500 bucks for that alone, luckily i found one at a dealer in canada for 400 bucks. But this issue alone is a deal breaker for me...will be looking at other brands.


power assist brake failure

I also ride the same bike and I recently experienced a power assist brake failure which resulted in a front wheel lock up. My alternator failed causing my battery to drain which resulted in a complete loss of electrical power to include the power assist and ABS. I was making my way to the shoulder of the freeway with a very slight pressure on the front brake so I could get the bike stopped when the front wheel SUDDENLY locked up. I was in busey rush hour traffic and was fortunate to not go down. I released the front brake lever wich allowed the front wheel to turn and the bike stood back up. needless to say this was a scary incident. I am a police officer and I ride this bike every day yet when I informed our local bmw shop I got the impression they thought I somehow applied too much pressure to the lever causing the lock up. I am also a police motorcycle instructor and I know the diffenrence between rider induced lock up and a faulty brake system. If you lose all electrical power to your bike and your power assist is not functioning then stay off the front brake if possible. Ride safe

RT1200p brake failure rear wheel lock up

I usually ride Yamaha bikes, but my work have just purchased a RT1200p response bike. Yesterday I was taking a corner at slow speed when the brake warning lights came on and the back wheel locked causing me to be thrown from the bike and the bike spun and hit me in the chest. Until this happened I had no idea that there were so many problems with the ABS on BMW bikes. Luckily for me there was a police van watching and was able to prevent anybody running me over and witnessed the whole event (if not for this I would probably be suspended from riding). BMW have been notified today and hopefully will have some answers soon. We have only owned the bike for 4 weeks and I am already wishing we had got the FJR1300 Yamaha.

possible brake failure

I just experienced a complete brake failure on my 2002 R1150RT. I was taking off in a long line at a light that just went green when somebody up front stopped. this cascaded back and when I saw the brake lights of the car in front of me I applied FULL brakes but the usual rapid decelleration did not happen and I rear ended the car in front of me. The front fork is totalled and fortuanely for me I ended up with relatively minor cuts, bruses and aabrasions with the rest of the bike intact. But i do not know if i can prove the bike at fault. I don't now if the hydrolic line went or the power module failed. Hopefully I can figure it out before getting hit with a surcharge!

Brake Failure

Kev (U.k owner)
I recently I took my R1150RT for a 30,000 mile service and MOT, when I collected my machine I was pleased to be told that the vehicle was in fine condition with no problems. Imagine my surprise whilst on the ride home the brakes failed. I pulled over and contacted the dealer and I agreed to nurse the vehicle back and they would stay open and await my return.
The service department contacted me after the weekend and explained that the problem was a faulty ABS pump that would require replacing and was quite an expensive repair. Because the motorcycle had been regularly serviced, was in good overall condition with relatively low mileage, the service department contacted BMW on my behalf to enquire if they would be willing to make a goodwill gesture towards the repair which they declined. cost of repair £1575.00

abs pump

Gary uk owner in ireland
I have an 1150gs 2003. it has only 10,000 has only covered 3000miles in the last 3years,serviced by BMW AT 6000.I left my little TEN YEAR OLD of at school.(she thinks it so cool) I drive to the junction the ABS FLASHES, and im left with virtually NO BRAKES. panic!
I nursed it home , and went to work by car
Eventually the local Dealer was able to fit me in ,to be informed it was a £1300 abs pump failure.
I inquired and was given Customer Services Dept number
They gave me the runaround,and stated it was the Dealer who should be contacting them and no me...THE CUSTOMER..
I think this is a health and safty issue , i know its out off warrent Etc..,But brakes failing on a motorbike within 10,000 miles , i am wating for a reply from BMW on paper
SO MUCH for the hype ,customer service ,
I spoke to a local independant specialist , who suggested repluming the brakes like an NON abs for £300
But out goes the resale value . He also said it was a common fault on R/Ts GSs etc
Cheers Gary

Brake failure


Zap me your details as I would like to talk to you re your ABS issues


Peter townsend

ABS problems

Hi peter, just reading your thread on brake failure and wondering how you got on with yours regards con(R1150RS 03)

brake lockup

i had exactly the same.

at 90km/h in a slight curve
just a little braking , power assist failed, so i had to put more pressure on the handle.
next frontwheel lockup which did not release when i released the lever.
outcome. i survived with multiple injuries.
bmw probably totalled.
it is being examined by police and bmw now.
did not get the outcome yet.

BMW K1200S ABS servo brake system failure?


The brakes on my BMW K1200S motorcycle locked the road wheel[s] solid under no provocation whatsoever. I simply carressed the front brake lever ever so lightly. I also released the brake lever with immediate effect. However, the brakes continued to remain locked. The bike was upright [until the locked brakes/wheels caused it to veer off the road and crash into the rock face to the side of it]. The road was warm and dry with no ice, gravel nor slippery fluids etc.

I believe that the BMW K1200S ABS servo brake system most probably failed. I am an experienced rider [40+ years: on road, off road and on the race track]

After having released the subject ABS servo brake system amidst a great fanfare [stating it as being the most advanced braking system ever, or whatever], BMW appears to have very quickly and quietly dropped the system altogether, thereafter fitting an alternative system to their machines. This, in my view [and I believe in the view of others] proves that BMW was aware that their ABS servo brake system was faulty. Indeed, after having lauded the braking system as being the best ever at release, why would a company such as BMW, who pride themselves on continual development of advanced technologies, go to the extreme lengths [and cost] of ditching the system so soon after it's first appearance?

I will be disabled for the rest of my life

BMW R1200RT ABS servo failure

I purchased an 05 R1200RT in Feb of this year from a guy who had the bike stored in his barn in Pt Reyes, CA. It had 3944 miles on it. I put 1300 miles on it and was waiting to do the 6K tune up when the "brake failure light" comes on. I went to MotoMarin in San Rafael and they went out of business the day I walked in. I then bring it to an independant mechanic who diagnoses the servo unit is bad (P/N 34517698296)Cost is $2468 new. Does anyone know where I can get a used modulator? is sold out.

I have a multi state ride coming up in 3 weeks.... I contacted BMW customer relations and they told to go to dealer... Great, so I can have the dealer tell me the same thing and blow another week. Can anyone offer help / advice?


I also have lights on, modulator failure. I tried to find rebuilt modulator, no luck.

Bmw r1150rt

my modular failed nearly killing me. I would not even bother renew it. ever if the bike is 1 year old or ten years old, I would never trust it. BMW don't give a dam- I have converted my to non ABS and it is the best thing to stick to. Told my BMW I won't be visiting their show room as when I last went there I shot straight past them because the brakes don't work. deathtrap.

BMW R1150RT 2002

In response to your ABS module failure, I had the same failure as most folks did. Were you able to convert the brakes system back to conventional without any issues? Did you also unplug the electrical harness from the module or leave everything electronically hooked up? Any help would be appreciated.

R1200CL Deathtrap

I wish i'd known about this. Anyway, never a BMW again. Spread the word. So it seems i'm stuck with an expensive piece of junk unless I can convert and dump the ABS. Any tips?


you can convert the brakes on your BM back to none servo, the hydrualic aspect of this is easy, if you
have worked on brakes before, the electrical side can be a bit more difficult, as the brake lights run
through the servo, these can be rewired using single connections once you find the right wires, there are
some diagrames and instructions on web sites giving the colours ect, wiring harness complex, but don't
be put off as only two operate the brake lights one you find the right connections, I have the serov on
my bike and no doubt one day it will go down like everybody elses has, think if your brakes are playing
up get rid of them and dump ABS I know a lot of people who have had complete brake failure with this
system very common 2001 to 2005 bikes, conversion should cost no more than £300, Good Luck Carl.

ABS module repair...

Try these guys:

ABS Modulator

My bike is three months out of warranty with 9,000 miles on the odometer. The ABS modulator failed and the dealer, BMW of Ft. Myers, told me to go to hell even though I have purchased three bikes from them. BMW also gave me the same response. I am working now on a legal recourse, since this is a safety issue. No more BMWs for me. I have had too many problems with them in the past decade. If you live in Southwest Florida and have to have a BMW, don't go to BMW of Ft. Myers. They are well known for terrible service. That's why so many of us ride 100 miles to Plantation, Fl. for service.